Join the Freedom Games Community: Sign Up and Get a Free Pass

This year, the pass for participating in Freedom Games costs PLN 500. However, you may still take part in the event for free! Since Freedom Games are an educational event, we hope to reach as many people as possible. Therefore, if you:

  1. register online for the event and join our Facebook community


  1. take part in the promotion campaign of the event in one of the three possible ways:
    1. share information about the event or one of its elements on your Facebook profile,
    2. put up at least one poster of Freedom Games in a public space (in compliance wit the Polish law),
    3. suggest an original, innovative way of promoting the event,

you will get a free pass for PLN 0.

A photo or a print screen documenting your contribution to the promotion shall be sent to: or delivered to the 6. Dzielnica club in Łódź (102 Piotrkowska St.).

A free pass obtained in this manner can be collected:

Otherwise, a standard pass costs PLN 500. Passes will be available for purchase in the 6. Dzielnica club or online. If you want to purchase the pass online, please contact us at In such a case, we will later ask you to transfer the due amount to our bank account:

Fundacja Industrial
63/25 Zaolziańska St.
93–539 Łódź, Poland

Bank account: IBAN PL 37 1940 1076 3032 9838 0000 0000,

SWIFT: AGRIPLPR (Credit Agricole)

Bank transfer name: “Bilet wstępu Igrzyska Wolności 2017 dla <NAME and SURNAME of the participant>”